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What's cooking at Spiderjig?

Actually I don't cook but that's another story.

You may own a small business, but chances are you think big. You got into business because you're creative, your passionate, and you love what you do.  And I'm guessing you also got into business to make money and maybe even have some fun.

You probably didn't get into business to update your Facebook status, grow and maintain an email database, learn to operate and update a complex website, monitor your online presence on Yelp, Zomato, Trip Advisor etc., and waste more countless hours sitting in front of a computer screen instead of your customers.

That's where Spiderjig comes in. 17 years in the service industry and six years in online marketing have been brought together at Spiderjig. We understand the needs of restaurants, salons and spas and how marketing to your customers can differ from any other industry. 

We have a solid understanding of how your customers respond to marketing, how to best target them, and be sure they are keeping you at top of mind.

Spiderjig is ready to help you improve your online presence, generate word-of-mouth, and keep customers coming back!