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What is a Spiderjig anyway?

Pull up a chair...


A Spider Jig is actually a type of fishing lure.  I know, I know - hear me out.  

The idea of a Spider Jig, is that the hook is actually dressed up and hidden in some fancy, frilly, plastic-y stuff (yes, I said plastic-y, clearly I don't fish) that attracts the fish and gets them to take the bait.

Think about this - when you think of advertising, don't you want it to be in a way that your customer doesn't actually THINK that they're being advertised to?  You are always looking for a way to lure (see what I did there?) your customers in to your business that is not over-the-top and in their face, am I right?  In fact, your customers can probably spot a sales pitch a mile away.  

That is what Spiderjig is all about - helping you to gently persuade potential customers to bite.  We can show you how to dress up your marketing in ways that happily draw them in.  Ask us how!

On another note, as far as the Spider part goes, it is called the world wide WEB.  Plus, the way that Google and other search engine sites "read" your website is referred to as a "spider crawling".

As for the Jig part, well, that's just a dance we do when we get another happy client.  

Spiderjig.  Let's dance.